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  1. A person who doesn’t value his Potentials, may someday desire Greatness and will not find it.
  2. Impactful and Fulfilling Life comes through Potential that is Manifested
  3. Whoever manifests his Potentials won’t be in the dark nor become poor.
  4. Say No, not to manifest Potential.
  5. Discover the relevance of your Potential and make good of it.
  6. Do not waste your Potential. Decide to live a profitable, impactful and Fulfilling Life.
  7. Some people are physically stable, but potentially dormant, deformed and improverished.
  8. Your future is a Choice. Choose to make it blissful by Manifesting your God Given Potential..
  9. Show me A successful man and l will show you a man that manifested his Potentials.
  10. Do not only think of what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country through your God given Potential.
  11. You can never accomplished anything if you continue to dream about a good, profitable, impactful and Fulfilled life rather than manifesting them.
  12. Covid-19 has not been fair this year 2020, but you must keep Manifesting your Potential.
  13. Life has been so hectic, but you must be committed to change by Manifesting your Potential.
  14. Success comes to those who become success conscious through their Potential.
  15. It is better to have tried/challenged your Potential and lost than never to have tried at all.
  16. Life becomes useless when you do not discover the usefulness of your Potential.
  17. You may be nobody physically, but will be somebody once you start MYGP.
  18. A good friend is a friend that manifests Potential – Heis a therapy.
    But a bad friend is a friend that wastes or does not manifest his Potentials – He is a poison and can drag you behind.
  19. Show me a poor person and l will show you a person that has refused to Manifest his Potentials.
  20. Do not leave this world without leaving your Potential behind.
  21. Never leave without impacting or touching lives through God given Potentials.
    — Do not leave this world without manifesting your Potential.
  22. A wasted life is a life that wastes his Potentials.
  23. Discover your Potential so as to manifest.
  24. Discover your Potential so as to recover your wealth and respect in life.
  25. If your presence does not make an impact, your absence Will not make a difference. Add value to day by Manifesting your God given Potential.



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