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2020 has been a year of sober reflection. The year the whole world changed because of CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19).

This period needs us to really look inwards. It is not about self righteousness, it’s all about our absolute purity and holiness. We should really know our relationship with God.

What is suddenly?

Suddenly means, happening or done quickly or spontaneously.
Unexpectedly, often without premonition.
Instantly, immediately, in a jiffy, abruptly.
Surprisingly, in a twinkling of an eye, swiftly.
Unpredictably, like a thief in the night.
Strange things have started to happen showing that end time has come.


All that happened this year, happened suddenly. No one predicted it or had the premonition. This is like the coming of our Lord Jesus.
We need to buckle up. Clean up every mess. Look very deep inside you. Will there be anything that will make you miss Heaven if Trumpet sounds now?
The coming of the Lord is at hand. I call this 2020, the year of the Lord.
Noah, warned and warned but they refused to listen, until that day.
Jeremiah warned and warned even in Egypt, no one listened because they thought it was business as usual.


We are like the 10 virgins that went to meet with the bridegroom. Is there anything that can make us to miss it at the dying minute? Can we be available when the bridegroom comes? Some of those people that lost their lives, did they plan it?
When the bridegroom comes, will He find you keeping malice, lying, in brothel, fighting, fornicating, etc? or will He find you able, pure without blemish?
It is not about your waiting, it is about your readiness to meet with the bridegroom.
Remember they all waited but a little distraction took the other 5 away.


What is that thing that will make you not to be available when He comes?
The distraction might be the little easily besetting sin. Have you worked on it?
It may be anger, pride, impatience, lack of self control, backbiting, hatred, envy, condemnation, judging others, talkativeness, Sowing seed of discord, etc?
Are you sowing seeds of discord in one way or the other? Watch it.


The bible says that we are the children of light and so darkness should not consume us. But you must work it out.
Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.
The time is now, begin to prepare yourselves as SUDDENLY IS THE HOUR.
Contentious living is the key for these moments.


This period of CORONAVIRUS that is still on now, everyone needs to be sober, focused, expectant, because it will happen suddenly.
Our God is no respecter of anyone, whether you are a bishop, arch bishop, reverend, evangelist, apostle, most reverend, etc, if you are not standing right on that day, minute, time, you will miss it and this is fearful.
We need to be more sensitive in the spirit now than ever.

Are you quarrelling with anyone, go and make peace.
Are you bitter in the spirit? Go and settle with God.
Are you not appreciative of God’s benefits? Seek for His mercies.
Are you counting wrongs done to you? Stop. Make excuses for others.
Are you in unhealthy competition?
No matter the extent of the wrong done to you, please let go.


Many thinks it’s those things we consider as big sins that will stop us from making Heaven. Not only those ones but mostly the little ones. Remember, little foxes spoil the vine.

Jesus wants us to be pure. Inward cleansing.
Do a daily purging of self.

ANGER is what the devil is using against the children of God these days. The devil knows that children of God cannot commit adultery. But anger?
The devil makes sure everything around us makes us angry. We need to watch it. The devil is on rampage, we must be conscious.
May God help us and grant us great grace in Jesus name, Amen.


Father, let me always be ready that I may not be found wanting when You suddenly appear in Jesus name, Amen.


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