THE POWER OF PRAYER – Pray Until Something Happens.


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What is POWER?

In a spiritual aspects, I will define it shortly as AUTHORITY in God. In order words, it can as well be called AUTHORITY IN PRAYER.

When you pray authoritatively with the word of God, kingdoms will begin to shake. Evil people will fear you like Elijah because you carry the anointing & light of God.
Bible says, ‘Decree a word and it shall come to pass (Job 22:28). That is Power/Authority. To decree, is to command and command goes with Power.

POWER means standing strong. Choosing to step aside. Doing what? Praying.

What is PRAYER?

It is a communication with God. Opening of one’s heart to God.
Many today have been redeemed and blessed through the power of prayer. While, some are still battling in suffering because of lack of prayer.
In prayer you have to stay in it and work in it. Pray without ceasing (1Thess.5:16).

Have you heard about this song?
prayer is the key,
Prayer is the master of key.
Jesus started with payer and ended with prayer.
Prayer is the master key.
We sing this song daily, but is like the meaning has eluded many Christians.

Prayer is very important in a Christian’s life. It is our weapon.
“A PRAYERFUL Christian, is a POWERFUL Christian but a PRAYER-LESS Christian, is a POWERLESS Christian”.

When to PRAY

The bible recorded many times, Jesus sneaked out from his Disciples to pray (Math 1:35, 26:30; Luke 6:12).
Jesus knew the power of prayer. That is why He urged us to be vigilant and pray even if it is for 1 hour, so that we do not fall into temptation (Math 26:41).
In suffering, prayer is the only weapon you need to conquer.

When Jesus was undergoing His own sufferings / temptations, He never relented in prayers. He maintained a consistent prayer life. Let’s emulate Him.
Do you want a blissful home? Be persistent in prayer.
Do you want a good job or promotions at work place? Use prayer and pray your way out.

Do you want children or want your children to stand out among their peers? Shield them with powerful prayers and teach them to do so.
You cannot be powerful in prayer and leave your household behind. If you do so, the enemy will use that means to creep in. When you are sick, weak, or travelled, the enemy will come in and sow his own seed. He will use them that are weak in prayer to destroy all you have laboured.

Your home should be a prayer center and everybody there should be Prayer Warriors, Intercessors, and Visioners. With this, you will have A STRONG and unshakeable home.

I read a story one day about a school child that was saved from kidnappers just because he was praying every now and then. He will pray before sleeping, before eating the food given to him and always praying to God to make him see his parents. They kidnappers were touched and they released him. I learnt one of them later repented because of the boys prayer life.

Wives, Fight for your Family

Wives, pray for your husbands. They are surrounded with beautiful Ladies here and there. At home, may be your (maid / nanny / home teacher / relatives), at work, in church, on the street, internet (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram). Do not say, he is born again and so cannot fall cheap for a dirty young maid. That’s where women get it wrong till it happens to them.

Do not give chances and do not think that your innocent friend cannot do it. Everybody is a suspect like COVID-19. Not that you don’t have trust or you are too suspicious but do not be reluctant to pray for their self control, because of some of these ladies / women might have eyes on them (husbands) and are using their body to see if they can get them. So support them with prayers to stand firm and resist the temptation when it comes. They are liable to fall to temptation even if they are they are the Leader of praying ministry. Pray seriously for your husband . Use prayer to hold and guide his ways.

I use to tell people that fighting ‘side chicks’ physically is wrong as a woman of God. Use the POWER OF PRAYER to arrest the two. Pray for the relocation of that side chick or for her get married immediately, then the husband will face the family.

This COVID-19 lockdown, seriously might be an answer to some people’s prayers, in terms family bonding. The lockdown has made many husbands to stop the incessant travellings, late nights and now give their wives attentions.


We have different gifts in this life. Some can sing well, cook, serve, etc. everybody might not be in praying / intercessory ministry in the church. But it is compulsory and very important that you as a woman / mother to be a PRAYER WARRIOR, AN INTERCESSOR AND A VISIONER especially in your home.

Just as mothers are always the first doctor/nurse, to treat their kids before taking them to hospital and are also the child’s first teacher before the child starts school. So also should mothers be their kids pastor and prayer partner.

You need to have a strong prayer life to the extent that your kids will rely in your prayers. And in turn, parents rely on their own children too. For example if they are travelling they should be rest assured that their children will keep praying for them till they come back.

Do not be tired of praying. Have you been praying for years and nothing seems to be coming forth and you relented and said, “It is my cross, let me carry it, for God has forgotten and forsaken me”. NO. God does not forsake anyone He loves.

Be Steadfast in Prayer

Everyone has one cross , challenge, (test of faith) or the other. No one goes through life without 0ne or two punches. Life has a way of offering one, a bad dish at times but, should you fold your arms and walk away on the excuse that life is unfair to You? NO. You must be committed to a change. You need prayers to be able to bear and overcome that trial successfully, joyfully and victoriously.

Prayer pays. But l must tell you that the period of waiting while praying might not be that easy but, it worth waiting for.

Have you seen a person that sows a corn today, harvest and eat it that same day?
When you plant, you also need to water it, check on it, harvest, wash, cook before eating it. When you start eating, you will forget the time, energy and pains you passed through.

The whole world is in a universal crisis now (COVID-19). Is only prayer that can save mankind. This is the time we need to rise up in prayer and cry to Heavens to have mercy on the Earth and take away this deadly virus.

Different ways to pray

let me ask you this question. When one is been pursued by a dangerous snake, lion, tiger, etc does one need to run in one direction where the pursuing animal will see him and probably jumped to catch him?

In prayer too, you don’t give the devil a chance to see you. you ought to devise different ways and methods to pray your way out. There is no specific time, place, position, to pray. But all, should be said in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith (Heb 12:2), the only Way, Truth and Life (John 14:6).

Our Master Jesus used many ways to pray. for example,
– He prayed Alone (Luke 9:18).
– In a certain place (Luke 11:1).
– In an open place, in the midst of people (John 6:11).
– While eating (Mk 3:13; 14:23).
– By looking up (John 11:41-42).
– On a hill (Luke 6:12-16).
– For 40 days and 40 nights … Math 4:1-11, etc

The need to rise up and Pray

In the Bible too, these people below, prayed using different methods.

  1. HANNAH prayed WORDLESSLY and she was given a child (1Sam 1:13).
  2. MOSES was STEADFAST in his prayers and he was able to conquer the Amalekites (Exodus 17:12).
  3. EPAPHRAS is always WRESTLING in prayers for you (Col 4:12);
  4. The EJACULATORY prayer of NEHEMIAH helped him to be king (Nehemiah 2:4-5).
  5. The SIMPLICITY OF KING HEZEKIAH in his prayers touched God and he added 15 yrs to his life (ls 37:14).
  6. JABEZ was so AMBITIOUS in his prayers that God honoured him (1Chr 4:10).
  7. ABRAHAM interceded for Sodom by praying LOGICALLY and he was answered (Gen 18:23).
  8. ELIJAH was so FAITHFUL in his prayers & God answered him (James 5:17).
  9. The CONFLICT prayers of DANIEL saved the Babylonians from their captivity (Dan 10:12, 13).
  10. ISAIAH and HEZEKIAH prayed SOBERLY and God heard them and destroyed the army of Assyria (2Chr 32:20).
  11. What of the prayer of MANASSEH that was captured in Babylon . He prayed and God was moved by his ENTREATY and brought him back (2chr 33:13).
  12. PETER AND PAUL prayed by DECREEING a word and they were able to perform a miracle (Acts 8:15)
  13. The ERNEST prayer of ELIJAH made rain not to fall for 3 ½ years (James 5:17-18; 1Kgs17:1).
  14. PAUL and SILAS prayed JOYFULLY and sang PRAISES and they were delivered (Acts 16:25). (power of praises too).
  15. JACOB prayed PERSISTENTLY, holding unto God until He blessed him (Gen 32, that’s where we got that song, ‘l will never let you go, unless you bless me….’.
  16. others were, Job, Samuel, Jonah, Jeremiah, Cornelius, the Disciples, etc.
    – God called you out of the world not to hide in a corner or to be Born again only in the church, a fighter at home, pagan at the village or nobody at your work place.
    – Live a recognized life anywhere, everywhere, with the rich , with the poor, with Christians, with non Christians, at home, outside the home, in town, at the village, with church people, with social friends, etc. let your LIGHT SHINE FORTH BEFORE MEN (Mathew 5:16).
    God called you to be Bold, to soar high and to work like eagles and NOT BE WEARY NOR FAINT (Isaiah 40:31).

May the Lord give you the strength you need to rise up today and pray your way out in Jesus name, amen.


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