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Nature has endowed me with slim figure right from teenage, till now as a married woman and mother of three. l have been slim and l am still slim. Most times, l like and admire it. Other times, l wished l can add a little bit.

I was very fat at birth and as a baby, but started slimming down while growing up. This l have also seen in my kids now. They are always very fat at birth and as a child. The one people refer to as ‘Carry, My hand dey pain me’😄. But now, they have started slimming down a bit.

Years back, l wished l was fat. But now, l have come to realize how beautifully and wonderfully God made me. My stature now is what most people fight to have. ” I am the real Celebrity”. I use this opportunity to thank God and to ask for His forgiveness for all the times l despised myself, went into self-hiding, had low esteem and self-confidence, avoided camera, was shy, angry and looked down on myself.

People also caused it as l was always seen as a small girl and my age always misquoted.
I was thinking this ‘slim insult’ will stop when l got married. But no, some people still think that l am single and wore a wedding ring as a fancy or to scare guys away.

They will ask me, ‘Are you sure you are married?’ ‘No, tell me the truth and the last truth, be serious, Do you have a husband?’ And l always answer them that l am not only happily married to my heartthrob, but also have kids.
I answered one the other day that she should please check my status (married), before she starts saying her brother likes me and wants to have my number. You can imagine.


I was at Aba, Abia State one certain time with my kids. I went to visit my parents. We flagged down a bus and was about entering,when the bus helper (conductor) shouted at me that l should give the children to the mother and enter the bus quickly as l’m wasting their time. I got embarrassed. Quickly, I looked at my finger to check if my wedding ring was still there or has disappeared. I then looked at my dressing if it portrays anything single. Just imagine the insult irrespective of my gorgeous dressing and wearing of my wedding ring.

I can also remember vividly on two occasions, how two rich guys stopped and offered me a lift. I turned it down because from the look on their faces, lips, hands and body gestures. It was not ordinary lift to help a pregnant woman in the rain, but an avenue to ask for friendship maybe.

One happened on my second pregnancy in Germany while the other happened at St Finbarrs Road, Lagos, despite that l was heavily pregnant then. That day, I regretted being slim. Because, at that time, l see it that my slimness has covered my protruded tummy that they could not see it.

I know countless times people have asked me if l am okay as l look emaciated. This affected me a little bit while growing up, because, it made me shy and avoided taking pictures. It took the grace of God to erase those negative thoughts about myself from my mind and l started liking my physique.


Slim means ‘gracefully thin or slender’. It can also be likened to being “skinny, thin, lanky or slender”. Personally, l prefer people tell me that ‘l am slim’ to the other way round. Yes, most people do not know that there is a difference between being Slim, thin or skinny. ‘Slim’ seems to be a positive and complimentary word. But ‘Skinny or Thin’, looks less complimentary, slightly negative, and may imply that the person is sick, underweight or unhealthy. Calling someone a ‘Skinny or Thin’ person, at times gets them thinking or makes them a bit angry as they see it as an insult. ‘Thin’ is just as nasty as the word ‘fat’. Some people have described SLIM as thus: – You can touch muscles, shapely body, but ‘Skinny’, you are very thin and can touch bones – Has much connotation than skinny. – Slim is beautiful and healthy, But, ‘Skinny’ doesn’t necessary look beautiful and healthy Do we agree with these descriptions? To me, I think majority of people prefer you use ‘slim’ when you are referring to their physique.


In the world today, many see Slim Women as beautiful and smart. Whereas, the slim guys are as poor men especially when they did not dress well. But fat men, always get a better respect especially in occasions as people thing they will have more cash in their pockets.

On the other hand, women who are fat, most times suffer infidelity from their husbands on account of their ‘fat’ figure. They suffer abuse or insult from people, who regard them as being over-weight.

Women suffer a lot after marriage and mostly after child bearing. They tend to add much and some goes out of shape. Hence they tend to lazy around as they are no longer active or do not have strength anymore to get up to do things they used to do before. Some drop their beauties, attractiveness, elegance once they drop one or two kids. And these weight adding, most times comes to their hip, burst or thighs. Some don’t like it. Hence they have done a lot of things to reduce.


‘SWA’ means ‘Slim Women Association’. This name was given by me just for fun, on Thursday, 14th of January, 2021. The Motto is ‘WE ARE PROUD OF OURSELVES’. Yes we are proud of our figure and we make things happen.

I also wrote the Benefits as; Ageless, Active, Vivacious, Everyday Young, our hubby’s (Wife, side-chick, babe, girlfriend), flat tummy after delivery, No panting while walking, No waste of materials as a small yard of cloth can get us our desired style.

This name (SWA) came as a result of some of my pictures which l shared on my WhatsApp status on Wednesday, 13th of January, to celebrate some of my works in the past few years. The pictures l shared drew so much attention from friends who pointed mainly on my slim nature.

Some thought am on a steady Gym, while some thought l may be sick and some asked me my secrets in keeping fit. With some of the comments l got, l have to go dig out my Mum’s picture which she took years back after giving birth to three children. I paired her picture with my recent picture, snapped after church on Sunday, 10th January, 2021.

Now, with the two pictures shared, (My mum and l), many started commenting back. This time around, it was a positive comment on how endowed l am. Some said, it’s hereditary, some envied it, some said l should keep it up and many other beautiful and lovely comments.


I pondered on all these, and l said, no matter what, l will be proud of myself and move on especially after seeing my mum’s picture after giving birth to three children. Then, i also remembered the two most trended association going on viral now, the ‘SMAN’ (Stingy Men Association of Nigeria) and ‘SWAN’ (Stingy Wonen Association of Nigeria). I decided to join the trend by creating my own ‘SWA’ to add to the on-going fun.

From what is trending now on social media, l read that this ‘SMAN’, is a body with lofty ideas to take men to another enviable level. The group will sensitize them when it comes to reckless spending, thereby encouraging them to save money and focus on their well-being. Their president I learnt is Mr Johnero Jones.

With the creation of ‘SMAN’, the women quickly created theirs with a name ‘SWAN’ as a counter attack to ‘SMAN’. They have a Logo with a woman crossing her legs. Others kept coming out like ‘Generous Women Association’ GWA and the rest.

‘SWA’ is not attacking anyone or any group. Is just a group to appreciate our stature and also encourage others to see what they can do about their weight so as to remain fit, active and bubbling.


Since God didn’t create us to live in bondage of any kind, we can experience liberty-freedom to enjoy all that God has given us and our goal should be to enjoy it. God is not partial. He did not create anyone more beautiful than the other. So, appreciate your body. You are unique, fearfully and wonderfully made. Tell yourself that and walk in freedom.

Desist from people who bring you down all the time. They only see the bad about you. talk you down and do all to make you sad. Hear this, They are not your oxygen, water or food which are essential in life. Believe me, they have seen something unique in you which they wish to have but they lack it. So, they work to bring you to their level or snatch it away from you by talking less of you.

Please, do not mind Nay-Sayers. Walk tall and work well. Surround yourself with friends that will appreciate and bring out the best in you. Do not put to heart what people say about you provided you are very much okay.

God wants you to enjoy every single day of your life. This won’t happen until you release yourself from self-pity, anxiety self-condemnation, worry, depression, and self-hatred and make up your mind to take hold of the beautiful life God has given you. Else, you will continue to stay in the shadow/mess for the rest of your life.

Do you want to be free? The key is to start admiring God’s beauty upon your life. If you’re upset about your Physique, instead of letting it ruin your life, turn it into something good, have your mind renewed and things will work out better for you.


I have intention of creating a Facebook account with the same name ‘SLIM WOMEN ASSOCIATION, SWA’. It will a platform where all slim women/Ladies and intending slim women will gather to encourage themselves, share their slim-fit pictures, write about their positive and negative experiences as a slim person.

What do you think of this? The idea is to help people come out of their hiding places. To happy and to know how blessed and endowed they are.

Please share this link and tag your slim friends.
Also share on the comment section your slim picture and what you have experienced as a SWA OR SLA (Slim Lady Association).

Yes, it is ‘SLIM picture Challenge”- we are the happy people, we make things happen.
‘SWA’ – We are proud of ourselves
‘SLA’ – We are the Celebrities

We Move.
Thanks you.



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