HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY. Let Love guide your life.


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Yes, today is another 14th of February. A day we have come to see as a special day for showing love and affection.

It is a season we celebrate those we love and cherish.
We remember those sweet memories and we re-affirm our love for one another.

Today, the world over, people have gone out of their ways to show love to their loved ones.
Some do that in form of giving flowers, cakes, outings, clothes, wrist-watches, shoes, delicious meals, sex for couplesπŸ˜ƒ, verbal expression of love, pecks, hugs and other exchange of gifts/love etc.
Others do that by visiting the orphanage and less privileged.

In whatever way you use to celebrate your own valentine, we say well done and may love continue to guide your life.


Some people misinterpret this day to be a day for couples only or those in relationships. That, is not supposed to be the case. It is not meant for couples alone as they are to equally show love to their parents, friends, neighbours, colleagues, etc.

The young should not regret that they don’t have boy/girl friend, so they will not celebrate valentine. Please, do not rely on Valentine’s Day to be appreciated or to know how much a guy or a lady loves .

Some disquise themselves during Valentine’s day to lure many to sex and abandon them after Valentine’s day.

Dear parents and guardians, if you have a teenage daughter(s) or sons in secondary school or even out of school, please make out time to talk and educate them on VALENTINE’S DAY.

Teach them what love is all about. No matter how innocent that your princess or prince may appear, bear in mind there is something called peer pressure.

Show your teenage boys and girls lots of love always, get them beautiful gifts and make sure you tell them categorically, that no one will ever love him/her genuinely like you do.

This may save you from unwanted pregnancy this week.

Bear in mind that if you don’t take up your responsibility and talk to them about sex, their mates will surely do that.


Do not be ignorant about what Valentine is all about.
Don’t allow anyone to lure you into sex this week all in the name of Valentine’s day

Some may lose their virginity this period. While others may get pregnant, or even contract dangerous sexually transmitted infections over a cup of ice cream and gifts. Choose to stand out.
Know it that no one will ever love you the way your parents, siblings (family) will love you.

Do not fall for those sugar coated words that last for a day.
Cherish yourself. Celebrate yourself.
You can equally take yourself out if you have the money or allow your parents do that for you.
Money is not everything. Those gifts cannot last for ever.


Money cannot buy love. It is your intense love for your partner that can help to bring money, if the people involved work hard together.

Money can sustain a relationship to some extent, ut the problem there is that, once the money ends, the love disappears and quarrel sets in.

One should not rely on money or material things alone as reasons love, because nothing on earth is permanent.
One can be rich today and become poor tomorrow and vice versa.

Yes we know that money is very important and crucial in life. It answers all things according to the Bible in Ecclessiastes 20:19. But, ne should not make money the reason for entering any relationship.

According to a Christian writer, “Pearl Kupe”, Money can buy you a bed, but it cannot buy you sleep. It can buy you a wedding, but not a marriage.
Can buy you a house but not a home, and medicine but not health.
If it could buy health, millionaires would not die of illnesses.
Money cannot buy you salvation, deliverance, or peace. we can now see that money has its limitations. It may attract, but it cannot buy love.

Money is important, but it should not be worshiped. Remember, the says, it is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10).


  1. How did you celebrate your Valentine today?
  2. Should Valentine’s day be banned for teenagers? Why?
  3. What usually kills love between couples?
  4. As a young person, how do you know that he/she is the right person for you?

… Let’s have your answers on the comment box.
You can also share your Valentine’s pictures, gifts you received or gave out today.

Akudoblog wishes you a call lovely Valentine’s Day and many more to come 🌹.

May your day be full of love, smiles and laughter.
We love you πŸ’•πŸ’“πŸ’–πŸ’ž


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