Be Neat despite the CORONAVIRUS protocols.


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In the Light of Corona, may we learn to keep clean not just our environment but our nose masks and our hearts.

Dear, permit me to draw your attention about those around you who may not be aquainted with full knowledge of the effects of this Corona. It is your duty to humbly request their compliance rather than rebuking them. Avoiding them totally is not enough to stop you from contacting it. When you do not imbibe people with ideas, they lack information. Kindly tell them to keep fit to help you remain fit!

Dear beautiful sisters, looking charming is very important. Sincerely if only Corona listens to people, I will summon courage and approach it and plead on our behalf to end totally to allow us look good for God, ourselves and for everyone to appreciate the handwork of God but at this point, we must do our best to use light make ups rather than stain the nose masks thereby making it appear dirty, hence looking unkept instead of beautiful.

Not everyone you can afford to make them realize it’s our make up that dirtied the nose mask. By then, it is already too late to convince them.

For The Women

My humble sister, do not also think that because we wear nose mask that you are not bothered about looking good. No! You must look good, all the great women in the bible were exceptionally wonderful in their outfit. So please, no excuse to whatever reason for not looking good.

For The Men

Dear cute brothers with both beards and without beards. I humbly urge you to trim if possible the hairs on the jaw to a reasonable level except your nose masks is capable of covering all parts from nose downwards. I understand some who have a great commitment with their beards and so have vowed never to trim it.

The reason to hear me out on this is that when the nose mask fails to cover everywhere, tiny droplets of saliva from an infected person may rest on them and you go home with a new infection inspite of the mask wearing.

Please, let’s learn to help give out nose mask if we ever come across anyone wearing a dirty one. It is a great sign of love that you don’t want them to get infected so as not to infect you too.

This is what I practise often times and I am happy. Joy and impact are felt around me at the end. If your cyclist is wearing a dirty mask and need be that you must use one to get to your destination on time, then offer him by buying one for him. Sacrifice pays a lot and brings happiness. You didn’t just save yourself alone but saved someone!

Physical Outlook can be deceitful

Finally, let us not discriminate. Coronavirus knows no body, no status, no age, no tribe, no religion, no size, no height, no position. That someone is looking lanky, hungry, dejected and confused doesn’t mean he or she is infected.

Surprisingly, that whom you admire his/her outfit may be a contact. I have personally witnessed this happen while a vibrant gorgeous woman quickly dashed backwards as soon as she saw an average kept looking old man percieving him to be a contact. Such a display didn’t make me happy at all. But was only a huge sign of discrimination.

Above all, let’s not forget to check on one another. Loneliness, fears and abandonement kill faster than any sickness. At this critical time, may we develop interest in praying for one another and for the whole world.

May God help us all. Amen ❤

My name is Chikawhite
We can survive this together!



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