THE POWER OF YOUR MIND… Have a Positive Mindset.

 THE POWER OF YOUR MIND… Have a Positive Mindset.

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Your mind is unlimited in its potential to create whatever you desire. There are no limits to what you can achieve and absolutely no restrictions to how high you can propel yourself in life.

Your prosperity is not essentially determined by your geographical location or the economy of the nation in which you live. What you become in life is largely determined by the content and quality of your mind. Do you know that, with your mind, you can change anything about you.

If a woman does not have a solid relationship with herself, she will recklessly pursue external relationships in the hopes of achieving internal peace. The power of the mind! You must know how to use your mind.

If a man does not build a solid relationship around him, he will undisputedly and ignorantly destroy his destiny in the hopes of achieving external happiness. The power of the mind I say again! You should study earnestly how to use your mind.

But when human hands fail, there is always the strength of the everlasting arms of God. He’s waiting. Just pray. Let his supernatural grace harness the power of your mind

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