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It’s a time again, we rejoice and shout, “Hallelujah!, Hallelujah!!, Hallelujah!!!. Christ is risen from death.
The scripture has been fulfilled. The grave could not hold Him captive. He is risen indeed!!!

The Easter preparation started with Ash Wednesday, where we reminded ourselves that dust we are and unto dust we shall return.

With this opening, We went into a 40-day praying and fasting, awaiting Jesus glorious resurrection.

We remembered the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. The last week of this 40 days journey, is called the Holy Week. And the last 3 days in the Holy Week (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday), marks the three-day celebration of the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This reminds us that “Christ redeemed us all and gave perfect glory to God principally through his paschal mystery: dying he destroyed our death and rising he restored our life.

The Holy Week

The Holy Week comprises of the Holy Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Let’s look at them one after the other.

HOLY THURSDAY– This is known as the LORD’S SUPPER. Christ offered himself in love as a victim that reconciled us to God. He mandates us to show the same sacrificial love and service to one another.

GOOD FRIDAY– Christ was crucified, died and was buried. He offered the supreme sacrifice on the cross, dying that we might have abundant life.

HOLY SATURDAY– Christ conquered Satan/ death and gave us victory and assurance of eternal life.

Halleluja; He has risen💃

EASTER SUNDAY– Easter is a Christian Festival and a holiday. It celebrates the resurrection of our Lord Jesus from the dead. Hence, it is also called the RESURRECTION SUNDAY.

If Christ did not resurrect, our Christianity would have been a scam. Thanks to our Lord who has made this, come true🙇🙏.
Up from the grave He arose. He tore the bars away with a mighty triumph O’er His goes.
He arose a Victor from the dark domain. And He lives forever with His saints to reign.
He arose 🎺, Hallelujah Christ arose.🔊💃🥁🍾.

Easter Blessings 🙏

-May God bless you at Easter. And keep you safe and sound through the year.
-Let the power of Him who raised Jesus from the dead, raise you in power and glory.
-This celebration will bring happiness, favours and blessings on your path.
-God will give you all the faith it takes to make your dreams come true.
-Let His love and wisdom always help, to guide you on your way.
-He will bring you victory in all your struggles and challenges.
-May His light shine down upon you now and on your home/family to bless your Easter Day…Amen🙏

Have a blessed, joyful Easter and fulfilling Easter🥂🍾.

Akudoblog cares🌹❤️



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