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Who was Deborah?

Judges 4:4-5

  1. Deborah was a woman of courage, faith, good counsel.
  2. She was a prophet of God.
  3. She was the 4th judge mentioned in the book of Judges, and the only female judge mentioned in the Bible.
  4. She was a leader of Israel.
  5. Deborah was the wife of Lapidoth.
  6. She became a military leader.
  7. She was a song writer and leading her people in worship after the victory had been won.

Only one woman with all these qualities – A leader, judge, wife, prophet, choirister… it.

Many of us complain of everything.
Only one task, we complain.
Just being a housewife alone, we complain.
A business person, we complain.
And a career person we also complain.

But imagine just one woman being everything gracefully without complaint.

People sought out her judgement because it was a symbol of fairness and refusal to show partiality in her rulings and judgement.

How fair are you in your judgement?

When you are fair in the things you do, people will trust you and can rely on you.

With your children, how fair are you?

As a leader, how fair are you?

-Deborah had authority.
Perhaps the most striking verse is Judges 4:6.
It says that Deborah sends for a man called Barak.
She doesn’t ask him to come and doesn’t plead. She simply sends for him “with authority”.

Her authority didn’t come from herself, her skill, reputation or job titles, but from the God she served.

Do you have authority?

Do you exercise the authority you have in Christ by calling forth those things that are not to reality?

When you exercise your authority, things happen.
So, depend on your authority.

When God calls you to something, when He lays something on your heart, it doesn’t matter what people think, it doesn’t matter if you have the perfect skills or the words to say.

Your authority comes from God.

By yourself, you may not be able to do what God has called you to, but with Him, you can do all things, you don’t have to be enough because He is.

God is our authority.

By authority, I don’t mean you becoming arrogant and insultive. I mean you drawing your strength from God.
Deborah, believed in the God she served for victory.

Do you trust God?
Do you have victory in view?
Deborah believed that God will grant them victory even before they went to war.

What mindset do you have? Success or failure?
Deborah believed in herself.
Do you believe in yourself?

Whatever your mind conceives is what you receive.

What are we being oppressed by, that we should be taking authority over?

Have you taken authority?

You complain about everything, have you taken authority?

What Job feared most came upon him…..mindset.

Be careful of what you always conceive in your heart.

Your authority comes from God, the attacks from the enemy are coming from a retreating army that has already lost the war.
Your victory has already been won.
Trust your God.
Adjust your mindset, and step into the authority God has given you.

May God help you to step into your authority now in Jesus name amen.


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