Many people don’t know why things don’t work well for them, especially for ladies. It’s not because they are ladies or that they are bad. It’s because many ladies are spiritually ignorant of what they represent in the realm of the spirit.

A lady is not just another human being who is not a man. No! It’s more than that. A lady is the chiefest point of entrance even among men that is why she has a WOMB.
A lady is a GATE in the realm of the spirit, that’s why demons and Spirits look for them, and altars speak against them.

If only we had understood the relevance of ladies in the society and have determined to nurture and prune them, shedding them of excess leaves and watering them, we would have enjoyed life at its best.
Oh! what a beautiful garden she would have been!

She’s a carrier of sweetness. Through her many nations are born.
She’s not to be tortured or abandoned.
Do not cut her like a weed or grass in a field.
She’s not a bush that you should set on fire.

No Gardener wants his garden to be destroyed.
No Lady should allow weeds grow within her territory.
She should wash off the dirts that cover the beauty she beholds.
She should have a good breath of mind and soul. Very welcoming and absoutely ready to show love.

Any lady who uses her tongue to reduce her gardener , should go for circumcision of the tongue😃.
Any Gardener who lifts his hand and hits a lady should go for psychological test or probably for exorcism test.

Treat that lady well, and she will bear good fruits.
When her voice is lifted up to God, the whole court of heaven stands up to welcome her.
When she pleads, her request is granted.

Make sure you don’t burn her!
Water her instead!
Let her grow into shrubs and beautiful trees.

She is a garden, a fruit, gate, pillar
and a carrier of God’s glory.

My name is Chikawhite
Light-Up with Chikawhite
Your happiness is my quest
God loves every good woman.

Chika Onyena

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