HAPPY FATHER’S DAY …. The Oxygen in the Lives of Women.


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Today , Sunday, 29th June, 2021, majority of people all over the world are celebrating Father’s Day.
Are you excited about it?
How many women will celebrate their husbands today?

Will you get a gift for your husbands?

What about preparing a special dish for your husbands?

Is it true that, Father’s are usually not remembered? That, it’s all about Women? Well, we must change the narrative.

Father’s are the wind behind the wings. And without that wind, one may not go far in life.

The anointing you don’t respect can never work for you.

Your Father/husband is your priest.

That man you are looking down on is another person’s delight. (Please ask Vashti in The holy Book, Esther 1) .

Vashti disrespected, looked down on her husband and another took over her position. May that not be your portion in Jesus name, Amen.

Before the man married you, you had other women to contend with, .very stiff competition. Now that he is yours, don’t let him go.

let us see the story of what happens in this modern time families where the love of a father is thrown to the dust.👇

A True Life Story

Daughter: Mummy, please, help me manage this 20k, when I get to Lagos I will send something again. (And she gave her mother 20k and put another 10k inside envelope and drop it under the pillow on the bed).

Mother: Thank you my daughter, but what about the one you put under the pillow on the bed?

Daughter: I want to give that to my father

Mother: How much is that?

Daughter: N10,000.00 mummy

Mother: Haa, is that not too much for your father. Do you think he needs money, N5,000.00 is okay for him.

Daughter: Mummy are you sure 5k is okay for him?

Mother : Yes. After all he just collected his N30,000.00 pension allowance on Friday.

Daughter Thank you for the advice mummy (She then removed 5k from the money and put it back into her bag.) Carry the envelope and she get out of her mother’s room and went to meet her father in the sitting room.

Daughter: Daddy, I am going back to Lagos. Please, take this token from me Sir.

Father: How much is that? (The father asked without collecting the money from her.

Daughter : N5,000.00 Daddy. She replied.

Father: Thank you my daughter, please, go and add it to the money you gave to your mother.(Though the father was not aware of the amount she gave to her mother) You didn’t know that I was about to enter the room when your mother was advising you that N10,000.00 is too much for me.

So N10,000.00 is too much for me now but it was not too much for me when I was single handedly responsible for your school fees from your Elementary School to your Masters Degree, and paying your hostel fees from Secondary School to your Masters Degree and your pocket money throughout your Education.

Please, I don’t need money as she rightly said.

Daughter: Crying, and went back to meet her mother in the room. Mummy, you see what you have caused now, after I have given you N20,000.00, you said N10,000.00 is too much for my father.

What do you think would have caused this?

  • No mutual relationship between the couple.
  • The mother has not understood the Mathematical formular in marriage,
    That is, 1+1= 1.
  • Greediness and Lack of contentment from the mother’s side.
  • Lack of respect and reasoning from the daughters side.
  • There is no more love between the couple.
  • There’s too much gap between them and they lack of communication too.
  • They are no longer enjoying the marriage
  • The couple are not working together financially.
  • The man is not giving his wife money.
  • The woman is not in good relationship with her husband


  • Be conscious of the seeds you are sowing because what you sow is exactly what you reap.
  • lt is not good when you a mother intentionally turn their kids against their father or instill hate into their children.
  • Be a VAW (Value Added Wife) to your husband. Don’t reduce him for whatsoever reason. He may not be giving you money today, or the money might not be enough, please endure with him. Time will come when he will celebrate you, don’t loose it.
  • Be a virtuous woman, God will prosper you while doing so.

Do you know that when you buy things in the house and you let your children know about it, you are sowing a bad seed?

When you make your children or anybody in the house know that you are the one taking care of things in the house that respect for your husband goes?

Note, if your husband is not respected by your children or other family members, it is your own respect that you have sold and lost?

If your husband’s respect goes, yours too is finished. No respect for you too.

Even if you are the president and your husband is not respected, you are nothing, absolutely nothing.

Work for your husband’s respect to remain. If it goes, you are finished.

The woman in this story finished herself, even that her daughter will never honour or trust her again. She may even stop giving her money after that incidence.

May we be alive with our husbands to see our children grow up and be empowered financially to take care of us🙏

This story touched me and I believe it touched you too.
Let us watch out for those small small things we do to reduce our husbands.


We use this medium to wish all Fathers and prospective Fathers to be, “A Happy Father’s Day”🌹💞🍷
Most especially those fathers that denied themselves the comforts of life to ensure that their wives and children did not lack and are properly cared for….God bless you all.

The Lord will arise today for You sake.
May He bestow upon our fathers/husbands virtues of Wisdom, Knowledge, understanding, fortitude, perseverance and Grace to subdue the storms in their families.
God will pour down his blessings upon you like never before.
May all the desires of your heart according to the will of God for you be answered today.
God shall bless you in all areas of your live in Jesus name Amen🙏🌹💞.

(Story and some comments from King’s Daughter’s Fellowship)


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