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Please take it easy on your adult children living with you.

Be kind with words towards them, be less judgemental and don’t be too quick to shut them up or throw insults.

This stage is hard for a lot of them. Very hard!

Someone reached out to me and said she’s contemplating suicide.

She’s been home because of the ASUU strike and has been at loggerheads with her parents.

Nothing she does is Ok and they call her despicable names at every slight chance they get. She is beginning to feel inadequate and useless.

Growing up, one of the things that frustrated me the most was my parents making assumptions and jumping into conclusions, without even wanting to hear me out. Please don’t do this to your children.

These young adults are not having it easy. If you have been to any institution of higher learning, you should already know how frustrating strikes can be.

Please a lot of young adults are very frustrated. It’s hard trying to find your footing in a world so messed up, especially in a country like this.

Please be kind with your words towards your children and your wards. Find time to converse with them. Ask them how they are doing, and how life is treating them. Ask them if they need help with anything and help as much as you can. Reassure them that things will be fine and make efforts to be there for them.

If you used to send them upkeep money while in school, please as long as you can afford to, give them something even while they are at home. Every young adult has a need.

Don’t make matters worse by unnecessarily picking on them or being unreasonably unbendable I beg you.

It’s sad knowing that a lot of young adults are happier away from home and their parents. It’s really sad. Your home should be a safe haven for your kids and wards, not where they would rather not be.

Trust me, being unreasonably strict isn’t what will make anyone turn out right. If anything, it only breeds sleek, sneaky humans so please give them a little breathing space too.



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