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Practical Christianity is seeking and seeing good in others.

Practical Christianity is LOVE. How much do you love God and humanity?

The practical way we live as Christians is what really matters.
The bible recorded that anywhere Jesus went, He was always doing good.
And the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch because they behaved like Christ. How is our lives portraying Christ?

It is time we search very deep and correct everything in us that is questionable in our Christian life.
We must be seen as real children of God.
Our character must be Christ-like. Let people be the one to say who we are and not us.

Beloved, God wants us to be truly His own and everyone of us will go into ourselves and ponder on all the questions that God has asked us.

Use these questions below to examine, ponder and reflect on your life👇👇👇
– Are you genuinely serving God?
– Do you make excuses when it comes to real service to God?
– Are you burden bearers?
– Do your words edify?
– How many of your neighbours, colleagues, business associates have you led to christ?
– Do you engage in slandering people? A real child of God doesn’t talk any how. He/She selects his words before he /she talks.
– The less privileged around you, do you snub them?
– How often do you hunger for lost souls?
– The gatemen around you, do you at least greet them or look down on them?
– How much time have you invested in caring for another person?
– Can your neighbours testify that yes you are truly a child of God?
– Are the words that comes out of our mouths seasoned?
– Do we chew our words before saying them?
– Can people around you testify that truly, you are serving God?
– Some will say it is in the heart, No, it is in your attitude, character, actions, inactions, speech, way of life…..
– How many people have you taken the message of salvation to?
– How much time have you taken out to visit a friend?

Let us make amends wherever we are falling short.


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