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We should learn how to explain in details when giving instructions to our old parents, grandparents and even our small children to avoid unnecessary delays like the one in this story a friend sent to me.

Yes, I came across this funny article and decided to share with us.
Sincerely you will laugh loud at the end.

Driver When We Reach Benin, Please Tell Me!!!
“”An old woman boarded a Bus to Lagos from Calabar and told the driver: “Driver, please, when we reach Benin tell me o.”
The driver nodded and then she shouted again: “My children, una hear wetin I tell am?”
Everybody responded: “Yes, Mama.”
On the long journey to Lagos, everybody slept off and forgot about Mama’s request.
After several hours of driving and then close to Lagos, with Benin about four hours behind, the old woman asked: “Driver, you never reach Benin since?” “Ooooh!” the driver exclaimed, “Mama, Benin is like four hours behind us.”
“Ah!”, the woman shouted and started crying, saying: “Take me back to Benin, abeg, I no wan wahala o.” Considering the age of the woman, the passengers agreed that the driver should turn back to Benin.
On getting to Benin, the driver came down, opened the door and told the woman she was in Benin.
The woman simply opened her hand bag, brought out two tablets of Panadol and swallowed them with water. She then smiled and said:
“Thank you, my son. Na my daughter say when I reach Benin, make I drink two tablets of Panadol
“I don take am now, oya make we dey go Lagos…” if u are d driver what will u do?
As you are smiling and laughing, may laughter never depart from You and your family!!!
Laughter is a good medicine””
Don’t allow anything, anybody to stop you from laughing. When they do you two, laugh three, you hear.
It’s Christmas, free your mind from hurts and worries.
Let go and see how your life will change automatically.
Some answers to our prayers, sometimes maybe tied to simple…..#laughter#, #happiness#, #forgiveness#, .*letting go”, #rejoicing with others#, etc.
……Christ is the Reason for the Season.

…..what do you think of this story?
If you are the driver what will you do?
Would you have actually reversed like the driver in this story did?
If you’re a passenger in that vehicle, what would have been your reaction?

……let’s hear your thought on this in the comment section.

Happy Boxing 🥊 Day.

Have a blessed and splendid week ahead

Thank you.


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