GOOD FRIDAY! The Passion Christ.


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Good Friday is a day Christians use to commemorate the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This celebration is what ushers in Easter celebration.

Now hear thisπŸ‘‡

There is no Easter without good Friday.
No glory in life without a story
After sorrow, comes justice/joy.
After rain, comes sunshine.

So you see, every problem has an expiry date, it does not last.
There is always gold that end of every tunnel.
What you need is patience, persistence and prayer

Before you wish anyone Happy Easter, how have you helped them receive consolation on good Friday

Check around you, how have you played your part in the passion of Christ, the one whom we adore and believe for salvation of souls and justice for mankind.

Have you been the pharisees and Sadducees plotting against salvation, justice, liberation in our country, families, societies and offices?

Are you Peter who promised to stand by Jesus but denied him 3 times and yet felt remorse for his actions gathering his other apostles for a greater tomorrow?

Are you that Judas Iscariot who out of gluttony and love of money decided to betray Jesus and upon realizing that he has sinned and cannot change the narrative, committed suicide.

Are you his Apostles who are afraid of the outcome of the judgment of Pilate and are hidden yet believing strongly that Jesus has come to save them?

Do you belong to the group that kept shouting crucify him, crucify him and when Jesus breathed his last and the thunder struck they ran away seeking shelter?

Do you enjoy seeing people suffer or toil just for a bread on their table, or do you provide easier way to make ends meet?

Do you render justice in the face of mistreat, humiliation, intimidation or you choose to keep quiet promoting wickedness and hardship on the powerless?

Are you that person who likes accusing and voicing out abusive words to those under your control because you are in charge?

Do you belong to the group that use people to enjoy themselves or get what they want in the office, home and country but are not available to save them from danger?

Are you the kind that derives joy in attaining heights mischievously, reconciling with your rival just to be against the major Truth as in between Pilate and Herod against Jesus.

Are you Mary whose heart was pierced countless times only because her son came to redeem the world, yet welcoming anyone who seeks her help.

With a contrite heart, where do you find yourself in these situations mentioned, the question is where is your heart ❀️?

Do you still have blood pump into and out of your heart? Are you still breathing well and normal?
I mean do you still have good conscience?

What happened to you?
Why have you suddenly decided to reckon with the devil in the likes of Nebuchadnezzar, Herod, Judas Iscariot, or you wash off your hands like Pilate after conniving with the evil men to suppress truth?

Why don’t you show Jesus some mercy, wiping his face with a clean towel like Veronica.
why don’t you use your riches to help the oppressed like Joseph of Arimathea.
why don’t you carry Jesus like Mary

Even when Longinus who suffered from eye malady pierced the side of Jesus, he was miraculously healed instantly from the water and blood that gushed from Jesus’ sides.

No matter how people dishonour the truth, there’s always someone who testifies to the truth like the Centurion.

I want you to stay calm and ponder on the passion of Christ.
If you are merciful and considerate, you will definitely feel the excruciating pains that Jesus went through to save us. When you find someone in today’s world facing similar things, please show them MERCY.

Why is it called a Good Friday?

Because it is a day Christians remember what Jesus did for them, a day to commemorate the redemption of humanity, a day the devil lost the power of condemnation on children of God through the death of Christ.

Hope you are not nailing Jesus the second times through your attitude.

May His sufferings and death we remember today wash away our sins and put to death every sorrows, pains, worries, setbacks, delays, etc in our lives.

May his resurrection on Easter raise up and bring to fulfilment all our blessings, dreams, and aspirations in life

Stay blessed


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