About AkudoBlog

AkudoBlog is a learning and communication platform to share ideas on matters of the good life. This blog, made in a magazine-style, seeks to raise conversations about life generally and the mysteries behind some events that happen to us as human beings. Also, the blog discusses ideas and steps to courageously look at challenges, accepting them, and conquering them.

AkudoBlog attempts to set the path towards achieving physical and spiritual success.

The blog discusses topics on

  • Life; style, potentials, mentorship
  • Relationship; marriage, partnerships
  • Culture; religion, food
  • Events; conferences, book fair,
  • Education; books, book reading

How it Started

My writing skills have led to my being given leadership positions as a secretary in many organizations (Church, school, and other organizations).

I love to see smiles on the faces of people and that is one of the reasons why l post daily on Facebook to inspire people, give them hope, give them life, make them happy and make them continue living.

This consistent posts stirred up the hunger for more from my readers and followers and caused people to start advising me to own a blog and save all these inspirational and motivational messages so that they can always glance through for insight. Hence the birth of this blog- akudoblogs.wordpress.com.

It was created in the middle of 2019 and the first post l shared was on 3rd August 2019, with the title “PROTECT THE GIRL CHILD”

Akudo Mgbemere

I am Akudo Anastasia Mgbemere.

I am a devoted Christian with love for all of humanity and its beauty irrespective of race and religion. I speak Igbo, English, and German fluently.

I like to pride myself as a good teacher, trainer, writer, and life coach. I have written 4 books and have other in the press now; Mysteries of Life, Steps to Good Life, Teach Yourself Simple German and Saying No, is no Crime.

I love to see smiles on the faces of people. So I love to discuss matters of the good life. Join me on this journey as my blog gets refurbished for you. In the meantime, you can keep enjoying AkudoBlog on the temporary location here.

Thank you So much